Who We Are

our Residents’ Association committee comprises of 11-13 Totteridge residents who meet approximately once a month to discuss and consider matters that affect Totteridge and its residents.

Representatives of local council and the police also attend monthly meetings.

Committee members are volunteers who also attend further meetings on behalf of Totteridge such as:

  • FORAB (the Federation of Residents’ Associations of Barnet);
  • CAP (Crime Area Prevention)
  • CAAC (Conservation Area Advisory Committee.)
  • Where possible, members will also speak at Planning Consultations on behalf of or in support of residents on request



Eileen Eskenzi MBE JP

Vice Presidents

Nigel Wray
Paul Davis LL.B MBE
The Rev. Tim Seago


Kerin Conn BA

Honorary Treasurer

Michael Lim BSc ACA

Honorary Secretary

Barbara Wishart BSc Hons


Claire Bannister

Aviva Bard BSc Hons

Michael Caro BA LL.B LL.M

Jennifer Ellis

Paul Flashman

Adam Harris

Michael Jordan

Sarah Langsford

Capt Alexander Masson BA Hons

What We Do

To protect, preserve and improve the amenities enjoyed by its members the Totteridge ward area.

Planning Matters

  • View planning applications submitted to Barnet Council
  • Endeavour to balance the interests of those wishing to commence new projects with those residents who consider that they or the area may be adversely affected by the proposed plans.

Traffic Issues and Road Safety

  • Regularly review matters of road safety and increasing traffic along the length of Totteridge lane and other roads in the area (with the assistance of our ward Councillors)

Local Hospitals/Schools

  • Keep up to date with issues affecting residents with regard to local schools and hospitals.


  • Discuss the protection of Totteridge green spaces (with our local Councillors) in particular relating to Darlands;
  • Keep up to date with legislation regarding Greenbelt development.

Residents’ Issues

  • Oppose applications for planning permission for developments which would harm residents’ amenities.
  • Support and assist residents at planning meetings.
  • Discuss matters concerning residents with local Councillors on all issues including noise, graffiti, parking etc.
  • Maintain a presence at local Totteridge events


Regularly meet with local police to discuss security and safety within the Totteridge Ward.

Recent Achievements

Road and Traffic Matters

With the assistance of our local councillors, your committee pushed for and obtained:

  • The new 15 minute free parking bays in Totteridge Lane where parking is now permitted for 15 minutes free of charge in the 2 loading bays just beyond Lipkin Chemist and in the bays located just before the bus stop outside Station Parade between the hours of 09:00 and 17:30.
  • New road markings and road signs around the War Memorial which have improved the accident record in the area.
  • Your committee is discussing with Barnet Council the improvement of the road markings at the entrance and exit from Totteridge Waitrose to prevent further accidents at this black spot.



A new Charitable Trust, ‘The Darlands Trust’ is being set up after a meeting was held on 4th September 2017 at Barnet Council to grant a lease to an appropriate group to manage the Darlands Nature Reserve. For over 20 years, there has been increasing concern by the local community that the Darlands is falling into disrepair and this decline urgently needs to be halted.

The aim is to restore the Nature Reserve, ensuring free access is maintained for everyone. The future of the Green Belt is uncertain, so it is essential that a Trust be established in order that the Darlands is protected now and for future generations.

Barnet Council will retain ownership and a ransom strip will be placed around the boundary to prevent any possibility of development. In the unlikely event the Trust fails, the council has the right to revoke the lease.



Barnet Council have now granted a lease to the Darlands Charitable Trust. The terms and length of lease are currently being negotiated. Once agreed, the Trust will officially be launched and fundraising initiatives decided.

To register your support, please email Totteridge Residents’ Association on: info@totteridgeresidents.org

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